Our role in today's world and in the one for our children's future

The world is changing rapidly, and we are very aware of our responsibility for future generations. We stand for safe working conditions, social equality, and work to optimize processes to protect the environment better. A few examples for you.

Sustainable production

Our own factory and our partner factories comply with all European environmental requirements aimed at protecting and improving the environment. We actively work on optimizing processes to reduce environmental impact and save energy.

All the used wood comes from FSC-managed European forests. Responsible forest management in the countries of origin prevents looting and preserves the forests.

The lacquering process is carried out with the most advanced equipment and environmentally safe ingredients such as water-based lacquers. The lacquers are thus environmentally friendly and safe for people. The formaldehyde content in all MDF and particle board used is also guaranteed to be below 0.05 PPM, which meets the legal standard for safe, everyday use.

We save energy in our own factory by heating with waste wood. In addition, the building will be equipped with solar panels in 2023.

Efficient transport

All our furniture is produced in Europe. We only plan full trucks for transports. We use Euro pallets, and these circulate in an exchange system.

Our products

All our furniture is circular due to its solid quality and innovative designs. Sustainability is the main goal, from the design to the materials used. Thus, Bopita furniture can last for years. Through clever designs, a baby bed can be converted into a bench bed, and we have convertible bed systems. This allows you to use a bed for years.

All our mattresses meet the Oko-Tex Standard 100, which means they are free of harmful substances. With every mattress sold, we contribute financially to promoting collection and recycling. Thus, 95% of the materials are reused and converted into various high-quality applications.

We are also working towards 100% recyclable packaging (cardboard and paper instead of plastic and polystyrene) and aim to achieve this by the end of 2024. All waste in the office and factories is separated and disposed of for recycling.

Bopita and society

Mutual respect is the basis of manners in our company and in our relationship with others. We approach customers and colleagues as we would like to be treated ourselves, respectfully and kindly. We avoid any form of child labor in the factories and offer fair wages to male and female employees. We also value a clean, healthy working environment.

We also provide a safe working environment for our employees. This includes approved and safe protective equipment.

As a company, we are also very conscious of our social responsibility to future generations. In our business operations and collection choices, this drives us to keep actively working to improve our business processes.