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Writing table top high sleeper XL Combiflex White

Easily create a writing desk with this writing table top for extra workspace....

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Flexible and durable with a convertible Combiflex bed

The basis of a Bopita convertible children's bed is a solid single basic bed of 90x200 cm. What makes it unique is the flexibility to convert the Combiflex bed into different combinations. Whether you want to create a bench bed or a loft bed with desk top, a compact children's bed with storage bins on wheels or a bunk bed. With a convertible Combiflex children's bed you can go in any direction. From low to high or from a single bed to a bunk bed. 

View the digital brochure to choose from the different conversion parts to adapt your Bopita Combiflex bed to your current needs and those of your child. The brochure can be found with each Combiflex article, under the "downloads" button.

From sleeping to chilling or studying: a bed for every stage of life

Bopita Combiflex beds are designed to invite children to be creative and playful. Neutral and versatile, each bed can be transformed into a cozy sleeping place where every child feels secure. Whether playing, chilling, reading or sleeping, these beds are designed with the needs of children and parents in mind.

Functional and practical children's bed

Bopita's convertible Combiflex children's beds offer not only playfulness, but also functional solutions. From a bench bed to a compact bed, a high sleeper to a bunk bed, each basic bed can be adapted to the needs of younger and older children. High beds create extra play space by freeing up the space under the bed, while bunk beds provide an extra guest bed or sleeping space and are even expandable with an additional sleeping and storage drawer. Instead of replacing the entire bed, Combiflex parts allow you to extend the life of your Combiflex bed and save money, making it an eco-friendly choice. All parts come with clear assembly instructions, so you can easily convert your Bopita Combiflex bed yourself into the ideal bed according to your current living requirements.

Build-through warranty for 7 years

At Bopita, we strive for durability and quality. That's why we offer a 7-year build-through warranty when you purchase a bed from our convertible bed system Combiflex. So you are assured of a solid and sturdy bed, adapted to the changing needs of your child and family. Invest in a children's bed that grows with your child and provides the versatility needed for each stage of their childhood. Choose Bopita's convertible children's beds - we can't make a children's bed more complete!

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