Baby clothing wardrobes

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Amori 3 door wardrobe

Amori 3-door wardrobe white consisting of one dresser and 2 shelves across the w...

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Alex 3 door wardrobe

Alex 3-door wardrobe has black details and is made of solid pine....

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Kiddy 3d wardrobe+2drawers

The Kiddy 3 door wardrobe is made out of white lacquered MDF with a shelf in sol...

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Choosing a closet for the nursery

Invest in a beautiful and solid wardrobe for the nursery and create an organized and stylish nursery for your little one. Our closets not only offer enough space for your baby's growing wardrobe, but their size also sets the mood for the nursery. When making your choice, consider the space available in the nursery. Which wardrobe suits you best?

Some tips on choosing the most ideal baby closet for your nursery

We are happy to help you choose a suitable closet for your baby's room. Our closets are manufactured with attention to detail and quality, making them not only functional, but the purchase is also a sustainable investment for the future.

Which closet fits the room best?

A closet nursery is mood setting. It is not only the largest piece of furniture in the nursery, but it is also an important nursery furniture to store baby clothes and accessories. Of course, it should fit your taste in terms of design, but the wardrobe should also fit well in the space available for the nursery. Most important in your nursery are a baby bed / baby crib / convertible bed and a dresser with a changing pad. Is there still room for a baby closet? Then you can choose a wardrobe with lots of storage space. If space is limited, consider keeping it low and opt for a chest of drawers or an open cabinet with shelves such as a bookcase for the nursery.

Choose plenty of shelves in the baby wardrobe

Baby clothes do not yet take up much space in the closet. It is nice if the closet has enough space to put baby clothes folded on shelves. But you can also choose a closet with a hanging rail as well. This way, you can also hang the baby clothes. A spacious drawer in the baby closet can also come in handy if you have a more spacious bedroom for your baby. Remember that a closet lasts for many years. You can also store toys, school supplies and accessories in it later. Even if you move the closet to another room or house, the closet will then remain solid. When buying a wardrobe, also pay attention to the hardware. At Bopita, all wardrobes, 2- and 3-door wardrobes, feature soft-close. This is important for safety with small children playing near the furniture. In addition, it is pleasant in daily use.

Go for a wardrobe design that will last

A closet baby room can last for perhaps 10-20 years in terms of durability of construction. So think ahead and preferably choose a timeless design that you won't easily get tired of and a style that can easily be combined with other colors, baby textiles and baby accessories. Bopita wardrobes come in different heights and widths. There is also plenty of choice for smaller baby rooms.

Closet nursery

A closet for the nursery or children's room is often part of a complete set. The furniture can also be ordered separately such as a crib or dresser. You can decorate the nursery to your own taste by ordering a set of a 2- or 3-piece nursery from a collection. Of course, you can also combine to make it a dream of a nursery that completely suits your style.


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